Cool Things To Do Inside On A Rainy Day

So it’s raining and you are stuck inside. Are your children making you insane? Rainy weather usually gets a bad rep and although poorly weather conditions definitely destroys beach days, picnics, and bush walks, there are still plenty of comfortable fun indoor things to do with your brood. Rather than letting Mother Nature literally rain on your parade and rearrange your precious time commence the brain storm (see what I did there) sesh, because your rainy day is about to get a lot more interesting interesting!



Who doesn’t like a friendly competition on the mini golf? Mini golf, in addition to being a great way for families to connect, is also good for improving hand-eye coordination, visual vision, and encouraging concentration and persistence. Scoring can be used to illustrate simple math principles to youngsters.



Bubble footy is ideal for children since there are no rigid technical rules to follow. To prevent the opponent from scoring a goal, you can jump around or collide with each other. When you’re surrounded by a bubble, you don’t have to worry about being hurt. Kids are often seen running around and laughing, and they sometimes lose sight of the game! Or actually bump and bounce against each other for fun, attempting to knock each other down and watching how someone bounces!




It’s probably one for the older kids, or kids at heart.  However there are plenty of places that cater to the younger ones too. Indoor go-karting puts a grin on your face and a rush of dopamine in your veins. Drift through the stadium, chasing your mates, sometimes on multi-level tracks. Tap into your inner Speed Racer and get a move on!



Prepare to be taken into a new universe where the unexpected happens, similar to Laser Tag. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in an open space except when navigating an alien universe, solving challenges, or fighting for survival. Virtual reality gaming arenas have one of the most immersive worlds available, leaving you curious what is real and what is not. Fight your way through a zombie-infested army base or visit a haunted manor where corridors move and furniture comes to life.



Puzzle rooms are similar to escape rooms in that you are not trapped inside and must complete some puzzles, riddles, and locate some things before going on to the next room. Puzzle rooms are most often more suited to younger ones. Teamwork, coordination, organizational skills, analytical analysis, attention to detail, and lateral thought are all required at any stage in the Puzzle Room. Teams must comb the room for clues, keys, and puzzles when surrounded by tips, passwords, and puzzles. You’ll need to partner through others, take notes, and think beyond the box; please don’t overthink it.




Indoor Rock Climbing is a great way for the kids, and even you, to blast off some of that pent-up stress. Since it works both the mind and the body, indoor rock climbing is one of the best total-body exercises possible. Rock climbing pushes people to do better, which is a skill that is useful not only on the climbing wall, but in all facets of life! Indoor rock climbing is suitable for people with all abilities and needs because it teaches and improves tolerance, movement skills, and positive attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle.



Study a new art talent to get your artistic juices going. If it’s drawing, painting, macramé, or pottery, there are several group classes near you that will teach you a new creative talent, and you get to take your art piece home with you, straight to the pool room!



Get out the cook book and get the kids baking….from scratch.  Nothing beats a freshly baked batch of brownies!  Bake a banana loaf, or a carrot cake, or some ginger gems, chocolate chip cookies….the list is endless.  It’s all about the science right?!



Nothing quite brings out the competitive nature like 10 pin bowling.  Many bowling allies have party lights on and UV lights that make you glow, so get dressed up and make a bee-line for bowling.  Get a couple of baskets of hot chippies or a pizza and get swinging! Don’t forget your socks!