Keep Your Cats Safe With A Catio!

What exactly is a Catio?

A catio, also known as a “cat patio,” is a pet habitat that provides outdoor security and enrichment for cats. If you have an indoor or outdoor pet, a catio might be the purrfect solution while still giving you peace of mind that your cat is healthy. Catios have many benefits, including the protection of birds and mammals. A catio can provide safe exercise for cats while also protecting them from environmental hazards such as trucks, rodents, and poisons. It’s a no-lose game! Catios come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs, whether they be large or small.

A catio can be as big or as small as your living space, budget, and imagination allow. It may be as plain as a small enclosure protruding from an apartment or as intricate as a larger structure built from the ground up. Your pet will adore you regardless of how you make it.

Many cats like going outdoors, but allowing them to wander is hazardous to them, as well as birds and other small animals. Catios (cat patios) give cats a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and a pleasant view, all from the safety of an enclosed structure. It’s similar to giving your feline friends a vacation home, and you know they deserve it.



Domestic cats, like their wild ancestors, have an innate need to leap, crawl, and play. While kitty enjoys the occasional wrestling match with their human, it is undeniable that they prefer having their own space to retreat to. An enclosed cat cage or cat run helps the felines to get some fresh air while also giving them plenty of space to run around. To make it the best gift your feline pal might wish for, keep the enclosure stocked with cat toys and allow for vertical space.

There’s no doubt that a free-roaming outdoor cat might end up in a potentially unsafe situation at any moment. Any of these dangers include:

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Fights with other species, such as dogs and cats
  • Fleas and other parasites, as well as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).
  • Poisons like wild plants and pest bait
  • Pet thieves

Giving your cat space to play will keep it safe and fit, but an outdoor cage has a purpose other than exercise. A well-placed cat enclosure would allow your cat to bask in the sun, supplying it with essential Vitamin D. You wild diamonds, shine brilliantly. Keeping your cat in a confined space, away from your neighbor’s trash or vegetable garden, will keep its coat looking tidy and beautiful – and your neighbor will be able to enjoy it as well!

Also, remember that even the most friendly cat is introverted, even territorial, and requires control of its own environment. If they do not have a private place to hide, they can feel unnecessary fear. An outdoor enclosure is an outlet for your cat’s reclusive moods, allowing it to bask in warmth without having to deal with those annoying humans watching its every move.


Help Protect Wildlife

Those razor-sharp teeth and claws weren’t made to shred furniture, precious mail, or your beloved shoes. It may be difficult to believe, but your cuddly pal is a purrfect predator. Cats kill 83 million native snakes and 80 million native birds in Australia per year. And if your domesticated pet seems to be good, critters are much more likely to see their wild side. Our native animals can be found nowhere else on the globe, so if you adore Aussie cats, protect them from kitty’s teeth with a cozy outdoor cat enclosure.


Enjoyable For Cats Of All Ages

The majority of cats are completely content to live inside the walls of their house and enclosure. The fun of the chase will fade if you don’t lure them with roaming. Older cats who have become accustomed to full freedom, on the other hand, may find it more difficult to adjust. They will become irritated, moody, and even sad if they are confined to the home. An outdoor enclosure or run is a great middle ground. A friendly, private space will persuade even the most obstinate cat.


How Do You Build A Catio?

Wood framing, escape-proof galvanized concrete, a clear polycarbonate or wire mesh roof, various cedar tables, lounging perches, and decorating space can all be used to build cat enclosures. Many manufacturers provide prefabricated modular systems for durable pet enclosures that are both robust and clean. The frame may be left raw, polished, or decorated to complement your home. There are many flooring options available, including grass, decking, pavers, and others.

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Which Catio is Right for You?

Catios are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a window, patio, deck, garden, greenhouse, or yard. Catios will be an enticing addition to your house for the well-being of your fuzzy family, ranging in size from small and simple to vast and spacious. Large catios also provide space for human seating and entertainment. Cats can gain entry to a catio through a pet door mounted in a door, window, or wall, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors safely all year!


What Can Be Put Inside A Catio?

You should put something within the catio that you think your pet would like. Remember to find them a good shade spot; maybe you should frame your catio around a tree in the back yard, or plant one if there isn’t one nearby. They would, of course, need a water supply. Small water troughs that connect to the outside house or tap are available for smaller animals such as cats and dogs. Please do not leave your cat outside in excessive heat or cold. Such toys and items that can be installed include:

  • Posts for Scratching
  • Hiding Holes
  • Climbing frames
  • Tunnels for play
  • Toys that dangle
  • Cat grass